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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 6: Coon Dog Memorial Cemetery

State Line (2)On my last day on the Natchez Trace I ventured off the Trace in Alabama to locate a place that I had read about years before: the Coon Dog Memorial Cemetery near Cherokee, Alabama. It was a winding drive that was longer than anticipated and wasn’t as well marked as advertised. Just about the time I started hearing the tune from deliverance in the back of my head I arrived.

While there I met a couple of sisters and a husband who had traveled further than me to this out of the way memorial. They were from Michigan and North Carolina and like me were driving the Natchez Trace. The rest of the drive to the end of the trail we would cross paths at several stops along the way.

Coon Dog Cemetery (2)


Coon Dog Cemetery (7)Coon Dog Cemetery (5)Coon Dog Cemetery (6)Coon Dog Cemetery (9)Coon Dog Cemetery (11)Coon Dog Cemetery (13)Coon Dog Cemetery (14)

Coon Dog Cemetery (3)

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Coon Dog Cemetery (8)

Coon Dog Cemetery (15)


For more information on the Cemetery visit: http://www.coondogcemetery.com/


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