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Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 11: The Wilderness Road (part 1)

I left Johnston City, TN., with a full agenda for the day:

  • Visit Elizabethton, TN., and Sycamore Shoals State Park
  • Begin my drive of the Wilderness Road
  • traverse the Cumberland Gap.sday11

The three goals tie into my family history and ancestors (Littrell-Luttrell) .

The first connection: has to do with the Transylvania Company headed by Richard Henderson. The company, formed by Henderson was made up of Henderson and eight other partners. Associates of Judge Henderson from his days as a Judge in North Carolina. One of these partners was an indirect ancestor of my family line, a GGG++Uncle, John Luttrell.

John Luttrell, one of 8 partners with Richard Henderson, hired Daniel Boone to establish the
Wilderness Trail from Virginia to central Kentucky.
John Luttrell was at the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals and later, with Richard Henderson, joined Daniel Boone at the founding of Fort Boonesborough.
John Luttrell, commissioned Colonel, died fighting the British in North Carolina during the Revolution.

The treaty of Sycamore Shoals was signed in the area of the state park on the edge of Elizabethton, and the journey to join Boone in Kentucky began there heading north to the path being blazed by Boone and Thomas Luttrell, a half brother of John Luttrell.

Sycamore Shoals, TN (2)crpdbSycamore Shoals, TN (4)Sycamore Shoals, TN (7)bSycamore Shoals, TN (8)Sycamore Shoals, TN (9)Sycamore Shoals, TN (10)Sycamore Shoals, TN (11)Sycamore Shoals, TN (12)

The second connection: Following the Revolution we find our direct ancestor, Rhodham Luttrell, and several extended family members, living along the Wilderness Road in counties on the Virginia side of the Cumberland Gap. Years later we find Rhodham and several cousins and a brother have crossed the gap into Kentucky, traveling the Wilderness Road north before heading west into southcentral Kentucky.

For more on Rhodham, Thomas and John Luttrell click here.


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