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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day 12: The end of the first leg of my 49 State Road Trip.

Day 12, June 27Following the visit to Ft. Boonesborough I proceeded home to Indianapolis, completing the first leg of my scheduled 49 State Road Trip.

This leg started with be leaving Poplar Bluff Missouri (Troy’s place) and Driving to Piggott, Arkansas. Since then I have traveled 2,892 miles in 12 days. Camping out 9 nights, staying in a hotel 2 nights, and sleeping in a Walmart parking lot one night. I have visited   Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and returned to Indiana'; 8 states in 12 days… only 41 more states to go.

I crossed the Mississippi River, Tennessee River, Cumberland River, Ohio River, Clinch River(TN), Green River(KY), St. Francis River(MO), Current River(MO), Big Black River(MS), Pearl River(MS), Tallahatchie River(MS), Tombigbee River(MS), Yazoo River(MS).

I completed 2 bucket list items: Driving the Natchez Trace Parkway and driving the Wilderness Road.


Will spend some time in Indy (Annual Independence Week Picnic, Doctor Appointments, Zoo Bus Trip and some short road excursions) before hitting the road again.


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