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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hike The Appalachian Trail: 1

7_2_211OK, this is what I'm doing when I retire. I figure it might take two years, 3-5 months each year.

  • 2100 miles,
  • only doable in certain months because of weather, altitude, and varmints. 
  • Only 1 in 4 complete the trip.  1 in 4 drop out in the first 50 miles. 
  • Best to do in segments.  I figure two because I would be unemployed with the time. 

My 'roomie' bailed on the ideal when I explained that there wouldn't be a McDonalds every 20 minutes, he didn't believe that until I pointed out that a McDs every 20 minutes on the highway equates to 20 miles and 20 miles on foot over flat terrain equates to 6 hours at a very fast pace.
Then he realized that every night wouldn't be in a hotel, so now he thinks its stupid.


 The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is a volunteer-based, private nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of the 2,175-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a 250,000-acre greenway extending from Maine to Georgia. Our mission is to ensure that future generations will enjoy the clean air and water, scenic vistas, wildlife and opportunities for simple campfirerecreation and renewal along the entire Trail corridor.
Formerly known as the Appalachian Trail Conference, the ATC is an 80-year-old organization whose roots are traced to the vision of Benton MacKaye, who convened and organized the first Appalachian Trail "conference" - a gathering of hikers, foresters and public officials - in Washington, D.C., in 1925. Today, we work with the National Park Service Appalachian Trail Park Office, 30 maintaining clubs and multiple other partners to engage the public in conserving this essential American resource.

The Store


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hike The Appalachian Trail: 2

7_2_211Since my retirement time could be  affected by many things we will say tentatively 5 years, 2012.

Will be 60 with 31 years.  So spring of 2012.

So starting now whenever you see a sale, in season or out on camping or hiking gear let me know. I need to accumulate equipment, because I haven’t camped in years I need to not just train physically but need to educate, test, and accumulate the right equipment.

The Plan:

  • Year 1 2008:  the remainder of this season will involve more terrain walks, will train for the 08 Mini as usual, but following the Mini [through 08] ten mile walks will become the norm.  Will also start doing some camping.  By the end of summer-08 will combine camping with hikes.  Probably look to getting more involved with a hiking/camping club or something.
  • Year 2 2009:  Same routine as 08 except will look to doing weekend trail [hiking and camping] trips similar to the Appalachian, possibly even getting portions of the trail done on a weeklong trip [20 a day/ 5 to 7days=100 to 140 miles].  Springer Mtn/Chatahochee Nation Forest [NF]
  • Year 3 2010:  Same as 09 but target the Appalachian Trail to get early parts of  Georgia/Tennessee done [20 a day/ 5 to 7days=100 to 140 miles]. 
  • Year 4 2011:  Same as 09/10 but target the rest of Georgia/Tennessee and hopefully the Carolinas done.  This would be apx 260 miles  over 09/10/11 an average of 86 miles a week would do it??
  • Year 5 2012:  Retired.  From Damascus Virginia set out to do AMAP.
  • Year 6 2013:  Finish Trail and die, unless I have grand kids, then I hang around a little while.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Hike The Appalachian Trail: 3

7_2_211So far “The Plan” has been a bust. Continued back and heart problems have rendered its execution a failure. Not to mention the anticipated problems with work schedule and economic problems caused by repeated Heart Cath Surgeries. Sleep Apnea treatment is working, but the CPAP machine alone is not capable of completely offsetting the detrimental effects of night schedules. The medication to help me stay awake helps some but I hate even the idea of taking it.

I have managed to do the 2008, 2009, and 2010 min marathons, accumulate some camping gear and some hiking trails, but have not done any camping or put together any sustained training program, or any camping .

The targeted early retirement date is still feasible as I have purchased my military service time so that it will count towards my early retirement, but have missed on an early out incentive as it was offered a little to early to work for me.

I still hold out hope for the hike, but am leery of whether or not my body will hold up long enough to reach retirement with any semblance of health.