Because from here on out, I get to work on my Bucket List because I've got the Monkey off my back!


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My Monkey List:

As much as I like the idea of a bucket list the early period of my retirement will probablybanana monkey be spent obsessing over this gem of an idea. What is a monkey list? To start with I will claim it as an invention of my own mind. I’m sure others have thought of this and many have executed it with little thought as it probably occurs as a fundamental part of retirement. A way of venting or coping with letting go, of the job, so to speak. I claim the idea in the same way Columbus claimed the ‘discovery’ of America. With no guilt and no regard for discovering a land inhabited by people who never considered themselves ‘un-discovered’. I plant my flag on this idea, claiming it in the name of Glenn’s-World and name it “My Monkey List…” Ta da!

My Monkey List is a list of things I will never have to do again or will seldom have to do or will avoid doing again. In other words, in the since of getting “…a monkey off my back”, my monkey list is a list of things I have had to do in the past to deal with the burdens and restrictions of being a working stiff.

  1. laughingchimpI won’t buy underwear at 2 in the morning because I’m to exhausted to wash a load of laundry in the middle of December.
    12 hour days, seven days a week for almost a solid month during the Christmas mailing season left you little time to do more than eat, bath, sleep and drive… all in a dangerous state of mental and physical exhaustion.
  2. Well never take another drug (prescription or otherwise) to stay awake. Working nights and varied hours while suffering from sleep apnea.
  3. Will never drive sleepy again. Pull over and take a nap… anywhere, anytime.
  4. Will never endure the stupidity or vulgarity of another human being passed the point where I should either walk away or punch them in the face. i.e.., management.
  5. this list will grow…

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