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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 13-15: Cataract Falls and Patoka Lake.

With my nephews: Ty and James

Patoka Lake & Land Between The Lakes
After spending time at Cataract Falls we drove south to Patoka Lake and set up camp for the next two days.
On Saturday we drove to the Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky and visited Kentucky Dam and Barkley Dam (no pictures from Barkley Dam).
In visiting the Land Between The Lakes we crossed the Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.

3DayRoadTrip (1)

When we bedded down on our last night there was lightning on the horizon. Later there were flash flood alerts.
Beginning at about 1 am we were engulfed in high winds and near continuous thunder and lightning for about 8 hours.

3DayRoadTrip (83)3DayRoadTrip (84)

At one point a 48 mile per hour wind flattened our tent as one wall came completely down on Ty and I.
Once the wind let up the tent returned to its upright position, which was lucky as the tent was only rated to withstand 35 mph winds.

After the storm everything, including us were soaking wet. We loaded up as best we could and set out for home.