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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 16 & 17: Camp Breckinridge, KY

Set out from Indy on Monday and camped in The Hoosier National Forrest at Indian-Celina Lakes Recreation Area. Visited my birthplace the following day.


I was born in Camp Breckinridge, but had not been there since my birth. I don’t even know if we lived there or not, and if not how did I come to be born there?

All that remains of the camp is a museum and a Job Corps Center on part of the original camp.

The camp was established during World War II for training troops and housing POWs.

After the war it was used during the Korean war as a training base for the 101st Airborne (Infantry) and other units.

The original establishment of the base for WW I resulted in the displacement of many families and property owners.

With the decommissioning of the camp after Korea the land has been tied up in lawsuits between the displaced families and the government for decades.

Spent two nights at Indiana-Celina Lakes SRA:



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