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Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 20: Tunnel Falls

clifty falls SRA (86)crpd“…The cave, named Brough's Folly was created as part of a railroad project. When it failed due to lack of funding, the cave was left unfinished, which is why it seems machine made in some parts and completely natural in others. Upon entering, those over 5 feet tall will have to duck for a bit until the cave gains some height.

Finally making it through the tunnel, visitors are faced with Tunnel Falls. This waterfall, like its name suggests, is filtered through a limestone tunnel where it shoots out water that falls roughly 83 feet into the deepest parts of the canyon making it the tallest waterfall in the park…”    source

[left] The root system of this tree, perched above the trail, is exposed as it travels down a crevice in the rocks.clifty falls SRA (92)crpd

Pictures & video by Glenn


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