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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coast to coast by Train:

In updating my Bucket List I noticed that one of my original 5 Bucket list items was: Travel coast to coast by train.

In retrospect I have completed that item in its most basic form if not in its ideological form.

Ideally the plan was to make the trip from coast to coast only with interruptions for stops and detours along the way as part of the journey. For example depart from the train, spend the night in that town or travel to a nearby location, such as the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore, and then return to the train for the next leg. Completing the journey without departing from the trip entirely.

With that as the ideal journey I am not giving up on doing it that way, but economics and other events may not make that possible.

So for now I am going to keep a long range goal for this one , but count the original goal as completed.

Traveling from Coast to coast by Train:

Round Trip to Philly from Indy:image

In August of 2006 I departed Indianapolis, by Amtrak, for Philadelphia to attend my Unions 2006 National Convention. The train traveled east, OH, WV, VA, to Washington DC, then turned north and traveled to Philly. While in Philly some Union brothers and I drove further north to Atlanta City, New Jersey. Visit “Kelly & Glenn’s Excellent Adventures” for information and pictures from Philly.

The trip to Philly was beautiful as we followed river beds and mountain ridges through West Virginia and Ohio. Unfortunately, the pictures along the ride did not turn out as well as expected and the trip back took us through the most picturesque portions at night. The trip one-way took 24 hours.

Round Trip to LA from Indy: image

In August of 2012 I departed Indianapolis, by Amtrak, for Los Angeles, CA. to attend my Unions 2012 National Convention. The train traveled from Indianapolis to Chicago where I had to transfer to the Southwest Chief. It traveled south and west through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, and arrived in California. It was a three day trip, I didn’t get a sleeping car, which was complicated by my back erupting into constant pain for the next two years. Though the agony I managed to enjoy the trip, and the week long visit in Los Angeles. Visit “Kelly & Glenn’s Excellent Adventures” for information and pictures from the trip.

This was my second time to visit LA for a convention. The first visit was by plain (4 hours). Even with the back pain I would still recommend the train. I have learned to hate air travel even though at one time I loved it.

I can’t say I’m fond of LA either. The downtown is as dead as Naptown in the 70s. If you like beggars dressed better than you every half-block and $8 hamburgers you might like it. Visit “Kelly & Glenn’s Excellent Adventures” for sightseeing pictures from LA..

Effectively Coast to Coast, both ways.

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