Because from here on out, I get to work on my Bucket List because I've got the Monkey off my back!


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My Bucket List:

With the recent movie, “Bucket List” the idea of a list of things to do “…before I kick the bucket” has grown in popularity, or ‘regrown’ as the case may be. Prior to the movie I had no recall of the term “bucket list” nor had I given much thought to the subject, probably because prior to the movie coming out retirement, old age, and kicking the bucket were not on my mind.

No longer being young enough to consider myself invincible the movie title, not the movie, stuck in my sub- conscious. As I was still young enough to disdain the idea of consciously considering such a topic I didn’t actually see the movie, and I can’t say I have an interest to now, but I have no problem thinking about a bucket list. As a matter of fact I embrace the idea in the context of it being a method of organizing a list of things that I want to do ‘while I still can’. A more optimistic idea than ‘…before I die’.

Five things that have always been on my long term to do list:

  • Write more.
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Travel the length of the Mississippi, either by bicycle or water (Kayak/Canoe)
  • Visit all 50 states, all except Hawaii by motorcycle(Then Came Bronson style) or car (Route 66 style).
  • Travel Coast to Coast by train.
Then Came Bronson

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