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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hike The Appalachian Trail: 2

7_2_211Since my retirement time could be  affected by many things we will say tentatively 5 years, 2012.

Will be 60 with 31 years.  So spring of 2012.

So starting now whenever you see a sale, in season or out on camping or hiking gear let me know. I need to accumulate equipment, because I haven’t camped in years I need to not just train physically but need to educate, test, and accumulate the right equipment.

The Plan:

  • Year 1 2008:  the remainder of this season will involve more terrain walks, will train for the 08 Mini as usual, but following the Mini [through 08] ten mile walks will become the norm.  Will also start doing some camping.  By the end of summer-08 will combine camping with hikes.  Probably look to getting more involved with a hiking/camping club or something.
  • Year 2 2009:  Same routine as 08 except will look to doing weekend trail [hiking and camping] trips similar to the Appalachian, possibly even getting portions of the trail done on a weeklong trip [20 a day/ 5 to 7days=100 to 140 miles].  Springer Mtn/Chatahochee Nation Forest [NF]
  • Year 3 2010:  Same as 09 but target the Appalachian Trail to get early parts of  Georgia/Tennessee done [20 a day/ 5 to 7days=100 to 140 miles]. 
  • Year 4 2011:  Same as 09/10 but target the rest of Georgia/Tennessee and hopefully the Carolinas done.  This would be apx 260 miles  over 09/10/11 an average of 86 miles a week would do it??
  • Year 5 2012:  Retired.  From Damascus Virginia set out to do AMAP.
  • Year 6 2013:  Finish Trail and die, unless I have grand kids, then I hang around a little while.

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