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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 2: Travel Day (Mississippi)

Drive Day (10)Beginning Mileage: 133,546 miles
Todays miles: 221
YTD Miles: 367
Major Rivers Crossed: Big Black, Pearl, Tallahatchie, Tombigbee, Yazoo.

Day 2 was basically a travel day, destination Natchez, Mississippi with stops around Tunica, Mississippi. In doing research on Kelly’s mother’s family I discovered a distant relative that was a slave on one of the largest slave plantations in the south; The Abbay & Leatherman Plantation. Indications were that the plantation still existed and there may have been some preservation there so I was curious to visit.

The family owned plantation still exist and appears to be in operation. It is noted as a stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Unfortunately, the only trace of the plantation are large swaths of land with no trespassing signs at the gates and a preserved Plantation Office with a marker noting that the plantation was the boyhood home of bluesman Robert Johnson. The plantation and office is located along the levee of the Mississippi River, surrounded by the massive and many casinos of the Tunica Resorts.


I lost a lot of travel time driving around Tunica, the resorts, and the levees so I adjusted my agenda to seeking out a camping spot for the night. My knew plan was to get a campsite for two nights somewhere along the Natchez Trace, then in the morning leave the trailer at the campsite drive south to Natchez, visit the city and then work my way back north on the Natchez Trace to the campsite, spend the night and then break camp and continue along the rest of the Trace north to Nashville, Tennessee.

Got lucky and got a great campsite ate Grenada Lake near Granada, Mississippi between I-55 and the Natchez Trace.

Grenada Lake (7)Grenada Lake (1)

Grenada Lake (2)Grenada Lake (5)Grenada Lake (6)Grenada Lake (8)


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