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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Notes from the aging:

blindBecause one lens can't solve both far and nearsightedness (thus the need for bifocals or trifocals) readers will still be handy. Especially when you go from reading something normal to reading extremely small print.
As your reading vision deteriorates towards that 20ft range bifocals and trifocals will not work at both ends of that distance, 20 ft. and less than one foot. Don't hold your breath for quadfocals, etc., they're not going to happen.
That's where you do like the rest of us, buy cheap readers to cover the ranges not covered by your bifocal and spread them around the house and in your car.
PS. Lasek only improves far-sightedness, it can actually make nearsightedness a little worse in some cases like mine. But still worth it.


from a discussion:eyesight-final-rev-wm-opt

”So for my whole life I have had great vision. The last few years I have started to struggle reading books and stuff so I started wearing readers. I have seen (no pun intended) my vision weaken even more since I started wearing readers. So I finally made an appointment with the eye Dr. I was coming up with excuses like, I think it is cell phones, iPads and computers causing this problem. She promptly put me in my place by saying “ No Mr. Smith, it’s your age, get used to it”. I thought “how rude”. Anyway she does the exam and says “do you want the good news or bad news first”. I said “I’m easy. I tell all the girls that”. She says “the good news is, that you are far sighted, like eagle on tree seeing a mile away crazy good vision. The bad news is that you will never read things in front of you again without glasses and that that range is probably going to grow to about 20feet before your vision settles in to your advanced age”. So now I have to throw out some of the readers I have and start getting the right strength ones. Grrrrrrr. Old age is gonna kick all of our asses....”


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